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ACI Super Charger Technology

The Most Advanced Battery Charger EVER MADE!

State-of-the-art Micro-Processor Controlled 1, 3, and 10 Amp battery chargers and maintainers. Charge time is equivalent to conventional 2, 6, and 20 amp taper chargers yet they maintain, de-sulfate, and condition your battery While it’s not in use for extended battery life.

The ACI 'SuperChargers' were originally developed for use on expensive medical equipment with sensitive tolerances and exacting requirements. Perfect for Cars, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, RVs, Personal Water Craft, Trolling Motors, Boats, and Snow Blowers for charging and then maintaining the battery while in extended storage.

They are supplied as OEM battery charger/maintainers for several hi-tech manufactures. SuperChargers are now available to knowledgeable enthusiasts wanting the best battery chargers that money can buy... anywhere! If you're looking for a battery tender or battery minder, check out the specs on our SuperCharger Battery Charger Maintainers.

It's simply amazing what they have done! And they only weigh 8, 11, and 48 ounces including cables. Get all the Information even an electrical engineer will appreciate below.

1, 3, and 10 AMP :"Constant Current” Battery Charger / Maintainers - ACI announces an entirely new family of Battery Charger/Maintainers specifically designed for the Automotive, Recreation, and Utility Vehicle markets. Boasting a longevity rating of over 30,000 power-on-hours (POH), the SupersCharger’s apply state of the art technology to revolutionize battery power maintenance.

Selected components commonly found in computers are utilized in these “Constant Current” chargers to reduce size and weight normally associated with familiar trickle type chargers. One such component is a sophisticated switching Circuit, “Switchmode” that “chops up” 115 VAC input at a rate of 100,000 pulses per second, compared to the rate of 60 per second with trickle chargers.

Since less power is being manipulated at a faster rate, the conversion to 12VDC can be completed without the need for a large transformer. Larger transformers used in tapered and trickle chargers have the disadvantages of high heat generation, greater weight, and lower efficiency. SuperChargers have an efficiency rate of 90%, compared to an average of only 50% for most tapered and trickle chargers.

By using “Switchmode” and "Constant Current" technology SuperCharger’s are much smaller in size, lighter in weight, more efficient, and Charge batteries much faster than tapered chargers.

Superchargers are ideal for storage, and overnight charging, Car, Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, Jet Ski, Marine, Trolling Motor, RV, Lawnmower, and Snow Blower 12 Volt batteries, no matter who manufactured the battery.

• Constructed to protect its circuitry from reverse polarity, short circuit, A/C surge, over-voltage and over-current
• All models are CSA and UL approved
• Soft start and stop eliminates sudden current rush, protecting both the battery and other circuits in the vehicle
• Automatic cut-off and then true float. The battery can be left connected for weeks, months, or even years without harm, while maintaining a full charge.
• Simple, easy to understand LED. Red for charging, green for fully charged.
• Automatically adjusts voltage when temperature is over 75 degrees F.
• Life span rate of 30,000 plus power-on-hours.
• Will not generate excessive radiated or conducted emissions (EMI).
• Fully Automatic.
• Lightweight & Compact.
• Suitable for all 12 Volt Batteries including Gel Cell, Dry Cell, ODYSSEY and OPTIMA.
The SuperChargers comes complete with Alligator Clips and Ring Terminals

Constant Current Chargers vs. Tapered Chargers - Tapered chargers use large transformers that generate heat and add weight to the charger. In a Tapered charger, the current starts at a full rating and then slowly reduces as the battery is charging. In a 12 volt 6 Amp tapered charger the current is 6 Amps at 12 volts, this reduces as the battery is being charged. Example: the tapered charger gives the battery 4 Amps at 13 volts, 2 Amps at 14 volts and then .01 Amps when the battery is fully charged. A tapered charger gives an average of 3 Amps on a fully discharged battery. If the battery is 50% discharged, the starting current will be 4 Amps and taper slowly to .01 Amps when the battery is fully charged. This gives an average of 2 Amps.

Constant Current Chargers - Constant current chargers give the same fixed amount of current from the beginning of the charge to the end when the battery is fully charged. A 3 Amp constant current charger will charge a fully discharged battery in the same amount of time as a 6 Amp taper charger. If the battery is not fully discharged a constant current charger will still deliver the charge at 3 Amps, which will greatly decrease the time it takes to charge the battery. Most Retail aftermarket chargers for 12volt batteries are 1.25 Amps. In this case the 3 Amp constant current charger will fully charge the battery 3 to 4 times faster than tapered and trickle chargers.

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