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Why Use Optima Batteries

Optima Batteries SpiralCell Technology® - The Secret of the Six Pack... SpiralCell Technology makes the Optima battery the most advanced battery available. Its unique spiral-wound plate design gives Optima the lowest internal resistance of any battery on the market. No other battery can provide Optima's performance and true Zero Maintenance operation. Optima batteries are completely sealed and have specially designed, corrosion-free terminals: no checking or adding water; no cleaning terminals or trays; no extra work! The SpiralCell design keeps Optima batteries performing under the most extreme conditions.

Power you can depend on... Thanks to SpiralCell Technology, Optima's batteries deliver more power from a compact size, and will reliably deliver that power after years of use. The SpiralCell configuration of the plates and their close placement to each other allow for superior resistance to the biggest battery killers: vibration and shock. Exposing conventional batteries to vibration and shock causes their flat lead plates to shed the active paste material on the plates. Once this material sheds, the battery becomes damaged, loses capacity, and no amount of recharging or additional electrolyte can revive it. Looking at Optima's SpiralCell Technology, the reason for Optima's legendary vibration resistance becomes apparent. Tightly wound and compressed into a cylinder, the plates in an Optima battery simply cannot move, break, or shed their active material.

This advanced design allows Optima batteries to last considerably longer than conventional batteries. Independent Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) tests prove that an Optima battery can still perform after 12,000 cycles (starts). In those same tests, the life span of conventional batteries averaged only 4,000 cycles. Even when new, an ordinary battery can never match the performance of a comparable Optima battery.

Power for faster starts...If you have ever tried to start a car in cold weather, you know how difficult cold temperatures can be on a battery. Oil and other fluids are thick and sluggish, chemical reactions take place more slowly, and components are less flexible. All these factors combine to make cold weather the true test of a battery. Optima's Red Top starting battery provides high cold cranking amps in a compact package; the design enables the high level of starting power to reach its peak faster and last longer.

Not coincidentally, tests prove that Optima's SpiralCell Technology is also more resistant to high temperatures. Extreme heat can destroy an ordinary battery in short order, but an Optima is no ordinary battery. By testing our batteries under the most extreme conditions possible we are able to ensure that our SpiralCell design consistently outperforms all other batteries on the market.

Superior Deep Cycle Performance - Power to go the distance... For applications that require a deep cycle or dual prupose starting/deep cycle battery, Optima now offers the Yellow Top. It is manufactrued with the same SpiralCell construction and solid reliability that made our Ted Top battery world famous. Optima's Yellow Top has been verified in Life Cycle testing to withstand up to 350 complete discharges! That's up to 50% more than conventional deep cycle batteries. Along with far greater power, Optima's Deep Cycle battery is maintenance free, has a longer shelf life, recharges faster, and will not spill, leak or corrode, If your application requires heavy cycling capability and quick recharging, you need a deep cycle battery. Combine this with 750cca and you have the best of both worlds in one unique product. You need the Optima Yellow Top!

Power to make waves... For those marine applications that require the clean, reliable power of our starting and deep cycle batteries, rely on the Optima Blue Top. Specifically designed for marine use, our Blue Top line has all the features of our starting and deep cycle batteries. Optima batteries last longer even when not used continuously. This means that after infrequent use or after off-season storage, the Blue Top will still start your boat. Of course, the Blue Top also offers Optima's famous vibration resistance and sturdy zero maintenance, quick recharge, leak-free design. If there ever were a perfect battery for marine applications, Optima is it!

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